The voice of the Voiceless

On the 12 April at SOHO we organised the event “The voice of the Voiceless. A reading to commemorate the victims of the mafias”, in collaboration with Libera contro le mafie.

Libera is a network of associations, social cooperatives, and other groups, involved in a fight not only against mafias and organised crime, but also for social justice and the protection of human rights. In Italy, the 21st March is the national day of Remembrance and Commitment for the victims of the mafias and we planned this event because we believe that it’s important to know about this topic also here, since building bridges of memories can help bringing more democratic legality, justice and freedom in our society. We read texts written by mafia victims (poems by journalist Giuseppe Impastato, extract of conferences by magistrate Rosario Livatino and articles by journalist Giuseppe Fava) and other dedicated to them.

Memory is an experience that is born from pain and opens up to hope. As Portuguese writer Jose Saramago wrote: “We are the memory that we have and the responsibility that we take on. Without memory, we don’t exist. Without responsibility, maybe we don’t deserve existing”. Volunteers from other associations took part in the reading.

In the event took a part volunteers as readers volunteers in the European program Erasum+. The event is an idea of Marta Buggio (Italy), our team member since July 2018.

With compliments for the partnership and hospitality of SOHO Sofia!