Traveling exhibition in Petrich town

Traveling exhibition in Petrich

Yesterday, the city of Petrich woke up with an interesting exhibition presenting serious environmental problems that have been the subject of discussions for the past few years: climate change, the carbon footprint we leave, protection of air, water, forests and soil, waste reduction and biodiversity preservation. The exhibition is part of our work at the “Move Your Fingers” Laboratory, which we are launching this year with the support of the Ministry of Environment and Water under their “Youth for the Environment” program. The first location is the 2nd SU “Nikola Vaptsarov”, and it will be presented in 6 more locations in the city.

Eight posters present different issues. But they also give some simple but workable ideas that each of us can apply in our lives.

The author of the illustrations is the young artist: Valeria Villegas Vanegas (Spain/Colombia)

Why is it important? With our actions, each of us can be part of the change and step by step contribute to a cleaner and preserved nature. And we at the Open Space foundation invite you to become part of this movement. Don’t stare blankly. Inaction is also detrimental. We are already in a phase where irreversible changes have been registered. A rise in temperatures is already a fact, and regardless of the arguments: whether or not there is global warming, each of us is experiencing the high temperatures and the increasingly long summer on our backs. Winters are getting warmer and snowless. Warming is already almost 2.5 degrees up. Droughts and torrential rains, fires and any other natural cataclysms are increasingly present in our lives.

Each of us can do several things: THINK, SPEAK, DREAM, WRITE, MAKE ART, ACT to change our own behavior and the behavior of those around us.

You can see videos and materials that will give you ideas for specific actions on the page of our project: Laboratory Move your fingers

The “Move Your Fingers Laboratory” project is being implemented by the OPEN SPACE Foundation under the “Youth for the Environment” program of the Ministry of the Environment and Water through an assignment by RIOSV Blagoevgrad.

With the support of volunteers, under the “European Solidarity Corps” program of the EU.