TV interview with Catherine Kimambo from Tanzania

Youth activist Catherine Kimambo from Tanzania give her TV interview for the National TV in Tanzania. AFRICAN CHILD PROJECTS witch author is Catherine presents the importance of African culture and specially the cultural awareness as a key for identity.

Catherine was our volunteer in Sofia (1 June 2017 till 30 October 2017) with support of European program “Erazmus+”, European Volunter service, and is one of the very active youth in Tanzanian organziation Chamwino Arts center.

I BELIEVE THAT THE CHILD ARE OUR FUTURE.. teach them well and let them lead the way, let the CHILDREN’S LAUGHTER REMIND US OF HOW WE USED TO BE.

I BELIEVE in the power of EDUCATION when in the right hands it can transform millions

I BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF YOUTH all through out history youth have been on the front line demanding changes to be made and we have bore witness that OUR REVOLUTION MUST BE TELEVISED

THIS TIME TOMORROW.. we are putting our prints down in the history books that WE WERE HERE.”



Waiting for a link to see this interesting conversation in Tanzania.