Two parallel art residences in Macedonia and Serbia

This week, we started two parallel art residences on our project “ECHO – European cultural heritage on stage”. Artists from Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia and Macedonia arrived in Bitola (Macedonia) and Novi Sad (Serbia), who will communicate with local people in the next one month (22 October – 22 November) and will work together. The aim of the residences is to present how contemporary artistic creativity is associated with the dark cultural heritage. The focus on “Dark Heritage” is not accidental. Villages and towns are marked by traumatic events related to wars, genocides, mass murders, ethnic conflicts, political or social oppression, violence and death that are incised in their inheritance, material and immaterial.

How can this legacy become a starting point for artists? How they will reveal the material and non-material heritage of the region, and whether this will help us to become more connected and more understanding, are the issues we are looking for in our present work together.

In Bitola – the theme that artists will explore is the First World War and its heritage. For Novi Sad is a few years later – the period of the Second World War.


From Bulgaria participants in the residences are:

– in Novi Sad: Martina Lapica

– in Bitola: Ivanka Stavreva 


The project co-funded by the Creative Europe program of the European Union:

With support of Natinal Found of Culture:

In partnership of: