Volunteers on the archaeological excavation in Veliki Preslav

A hot summer awaits us in the town of Veliki Preslav,

where volunteers from 6 countries will help to our archaeologists in the old capital.

The young people are from Italy, Spain, Greece, Croatia, Slovakia, and Algeria, and the idea is to get acquainted with the history of Bulgaria during the period 7 – 10 century and to share what happened at the same time in their countries. The youth work day begins at 7:30 with excavation work. In the afternoon, a number of workshops are planned and will be led by the young people themselves:

– cooking (with Spanish cuisine);
– photography;
– cave and climbing;
– yoga club;
– Hieroglyphs and graffiti from antiquity;
– paleontology and skeletal excavations;
– movie screenings of specially selected films from each country;
– a literary club where a book of choice will be analyzed.

The afternoon activities take place at the Young Writer Club in the building of the library in the town of Veliki Preslav (a hall that was renovated by local volunteer youth and is now used for various meetings and events). Clubs are also open to people in the city, with access free of charge.

Moments from the on-arrival training:

The project happen with a support of European program “Erasmus+”, Key action 1: Mobility for citizens