We did it together, so we could play sports – together.

The art of working together.

The idea of ​​the project is to restore the two sites belonging to the city stadium in Veliki Preslav so that the people from the city could have an accessible place for outdoor sports. The initiative group has already started actions to clean up the pitch. They also attracted partners and support from the Municipality for equipment and material purchases (such as timber and benches for the benches in the stadium itself).

We are now working on rebuilding the sites next to the stadium, the idea being to make them multifunctional playgrounds.

Stage 1 is happening with the support of the Embassy of the French Republic, who saw the point in our project and included it in their Eco-Community /Еко-община/ program. At this point we are rebuilding the site from the north, clearing the slope from the weeds, clearing the terrain, making a pedestal for the seats. Nets and seats for the stands were purchased. And with the help of a little paint and the skillful work of the team, the pitch has already taken on a different look.

А “dream cаme true” regarding the project is to bring back the joy of movement and sport, not only to young people in the city. We hope that the stadium and the venues  will bring back their old meaning to everyone in the area and attract the people to spend time together, to play sports, to have fun, to compete. It is important to develop an athlete’s spirit in the younger generation, but it is also important to awaken it in the elderly.

We are already raising funds for the next Stage 2: renovation of the southern site. The plan is to change the flooring, rebuild the fence, make football doors and basketball baskets. Then we will be able to set up playgrounds for all desired and sought after sports in the city: football, basketball, volleyball and tennis.

The account you can donate to, so we could continue working on the second site:

Bank: UBB

IBAN: BG80 UBBS 8002 1041 6009 20 – in BGN

IBAN: BG97 UBBS 8002 1424 6699 10 – in Euro


Account Holder: Open Space Foundation

Ground for the translation: playgrounds in Veliki Preslav.

The start was initiated by the Embassy of the Republic of France in Bulgaria, under their program Eco Municipality:  Еко Община.