What is to be a participant in ART-RESIDENCY?

What is to be a participant in ART-RESIDENCY?

It is with great pleasure that we share a film about the Art-Residency, held in Sofia on the topic “Traditions in transition”.

Tradition is everything that is passed from the past to the present. It can be a physical object, a cultural construction or a combination of both. Traditions are linked to the groups that practice them and are an integral part of their dynamic identity. They are supposed to be deep-rooted practices that come from a mythologized, distant past. They are in danger of extinction and oblivion. However, modern research opposes such grim approaches, showing the ever-changing dynamic nature of a culture that perceives and adapts the past to the needs of the present. The general recognition that our globalized reality leaves little time to reflect on our local practices and ways of life is a starting point for dialogue for artists and citizens of European local communities.

This is how four artists from Northern Macedonia, Hungary, Greece and Bulgaria saw the capital Sofia (Bulgaria) and recreated the city’s traditional architecture, atmosphere and presence. The project “European Cultural Heritage on Stage: Traditions in Transition” is the second project of our interaction with colleagues from Greece, Northern Macedonia, Hungary and Bulgaria. We cross borders, exchange and inspire each other. We support artists and their search and performance. See how things turn out in the video work of Hunt of Photos studio.

Enjoy watching!

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