A different space in Sofia

“A Place for Reading ” is the new corner which will be created in the inter-block space in Lyulin 2 area in Sofia.

 The residents of the area have been working for 2 years on the idea that the space they live in to be different and colorful. They began by transforming the entrance of their block of flats and continued out: with the construction of a gazebo, colorful benches, chairs, tables and flower beds. The impact is undeniable. The place has become a hub for everyone in the area.

The people are especially happy with the reaction of the children who took part in the afforestation and then inform newcomers to be careful with the flowers and the grass while it is young and in need of stabilization. “Undoubtedly, everything that is done makes sense. Moreover, seeing the impact on the children is a very satisfying fact, ”said Jenny who is one of the main engines of the change there.

The next topic that naturally comes on the agenda is to make some space and provoke a mood for reading. Some of the children are already entering their 6th and 7th years. There is a need to organise a corner where they can sit and concentrate in reading, a place where they could discuss what they have already read. The idea is to create an appropriate atmosphere in which the children could have the possibility to begin to associate comfort, visual stimuli and the pleasure one gets from reading. The project is already one step ahead of its completion. Now the shelves and the bench are to be installed, to take out the soft upholstery and to organise and put the books in place, ready for the little discoverers.

Nash (Mohammed El Nwishy) from Egypt is working on the project. The realization comes with the support of the EU’s Erasmus + program, the Public Board of  Telus International Bulgaria and ‘In the Dark’.