After art-recidencies in Bitola (Macedonia) and Novi Sad (Serbia)

By December 21, 2018ECHO, News

Nearly a month after the Art Residences in Macedonia and Serbia, we meet with the Bulgarian artists who took part in this project. Martina and Ivanka were selected for participation from the Bulgarian side of the participants. In the length of one month, spending time together with colleagues from Greece, Macedonia and Serbia, the two artists dived into the environment and the emotions that people have experienced about Macedonia, during and after the First World War, and about Serbia – the Second World War.

Meetings with local people, visits to museums, libraries, a meeting with a movie director from Serbia, heirs of activists from both wars, viewing historical sites and monuments, and discussing films on the subject are just some of the things the artists experienced by living for a month in the local atmosphere . Drawing inspiration from history and people, each one of them created their interpretations on the subject.

Pictures from Macedonia:

Almost a month after they got home, we continue with the next tasks of the young artists from our country: there is a meeting with students from several schools. Visits are planned at the Second Language School in Sofia, Vocational High School of Textile and Fashion Design Varna, Vocational School of Applied Arts Smolyan and The National Academy of Plastic Arts and Design “Academic Dechko Uzunov”- in the town of Kazanlak. Within the meetings in each of the schools, there will be presented the project and the meaning of the participation in art-residences. The inspiration for young artists, the ability to extend their horizons of work and contacts, to dare to address new topics, to be in contact with the pain, emotions and experience of others, are the messages Martina and Ivanka are willing to share with  the young people .

ECHO (European Cultural Heritage on the Stage) is an international pilot project in the field of culture, heritage and the arts, aimed at improving cultural production and strengthening the European sense of belonging by combining contemporary artistic creativity with the dark cultural heritage of local communities in Europe. Photography, video, painting and crafts are the means to be used to reveal the material and intangible local heritage. In the beginning of April all art products will be gathered for an exhibition in Veliki Preslav.

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