Day of Pink T-shirt

Every last Wednesday of the month of February is observed as the World Day Against Bullying at School. It is known as “Pink Shirt Day”.

Its history began in Canada in 2007.

The initiators are the two students David Shepherd and Travis Price. On this day, they dress in pink to express their attitude towards the bullying and violence at school that they have witnessed at the opening of the school year at their school. Then they were greatly shaken by an incident – older students mocked and bullied a ninth-grader who was wearing a pink polo shirt. The boy could not stand the taunts and began to cry. Impressed by what they saw, the very next day they bought and distributed 50 pink T-shirts to their classmates. This is how they wanted to express their support for the bullied student.

And this is how we get involved in the topic: we share with you a video that our youth team in Veliki Preslav made on the topic of bullying at school:

Each of them was a victim or a direct witness of bullying at school. The young people say that it is important to know how to counteract, to feel that they have support – from the adults around them and from their peers, but above all to talk about the subject, but also to KNOW THAT THEY ARE NOT ALONE, the target of bullying.

Several videos, posters and short articles that we will share with you in our next posts were collected and produced together with the team.

The youth action is the result of MOLA (Model for Opinion Leaders’ Online Activation) training, which we held at the end of August – the beginning of September 2022 in the city of Veliki Preslav, within the framework of our ACTIon project