Just a couple more days till the start of the art residency in Sofia

May will be full of exciting events!

On the 5th of May we are welcoming in Sofia four artists from Greece, Northern Macedonia, Hungary and Bulgaria for an art residence along the theme of “Traditions in Transition”.

Who are they?

Ennios Eros Giogos from Greece (ennios_eros_giogos_ ) works with sculptures and installations. He arrives in Sofia immediately after the opening of his exhibition in Greece. He works equally well with shapes and volumes, as well as with ink and his brush. Follow this link to see his work: https://www.behance.net/ennioserosgiogos . Here in Bulgaria he is going to study the diversity of the city and its inhabitants, and how and to what extent the culture of minorities and immigrant communities have manifested and found their place in this environment.

Marcella Papp from Hungary is a graphic designer, artist, and photographer. She likes to experiment, with the environment, with the point of view and with the different ways of expression. She looks forward to immersing himself in this new environment and discovering new depths to her own art. In her work she uses cut-out images to create digital collages which combine the beauty of a certain place with the pain of the heart and the process of its healing. She likes these topics, especially nowadays when now people are left to sit with themselves and their thoughts.

Marcella says:When people see something that brings back their memories, they start feeling. And this will possibly make them less lonely. If you see, hear, smell something familiar, it calms you down. If even one person can understand you, it gives you the strength to heal. ”

Learn more about Marcella by checking out her webpage

Remzije Lloga is from Northern Macedonia. She is a student at the Academy of Arts in Tetovo, Northern Macedonia. She carries not only the spark and the energy of youth, but also the curiosity about traditions. She has participated in several art symposia and art camps, where she has experimented with oil paints, sculptures and graphics. Her Behance profile represents the diversity of her creative pursuits.

Yordan Mihalev is a fashion designer from Bulgaria. His personal belief is that the purpose of art is to present a set of possible theories about how a person might feel or look. Fashion, however artistic, remains on the outskirts of this concept for the time being because it is mainly concerned with being part of the art of life itself, rather than being considered an art form in itself. The designer hopes to master his personal artistic sensitivity and translate it into fashion in a way that speaks to the energy, and not the physical appearance of a person.

Yordan says: I have always been inspired by the speed with which Sofia has become a cultural magnet in the Balkan region. I would like to focus on the idea of ​​destruction and resurrection, inspired by the many examples in the history of the city when it (the city) was forced to rebuild and continue to be a home to people’s hopes for a better future.”

You can see here the collections of Yordan which completely overturn emotions

The art residency takes place with the support of the “Creative Europe” program and the “Culture” program of the capital’s municipality along the project #ECHOII / European Cultural Heritage on Stage 2: Traditions in Transition. You can see information about the project here

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