Open Space Foundation start work in a new project for creation of easily accessible educational tools suitable both for cultural education and for language preparation.

Faced with the reality of living and working in a multicultural environment, we need to know more about the values of each nation, know it better so that we can avoid misunderstanding and communication problems. On the other hand, migrants in Europe and those from Africa living now in Egypt (dreaming to reach better world) are already serious and the challenges for them are, in addition to having to learn a language that they can communicate with others, but also to understand the rules of the respective culture. The idea of our project is to create easy-to-use educational tools. Short and translated in several languages, to help as many users as possible. The added value of these tools is that they will be holders of values and models of good behavior, care and mutual help. They will come from folklore and help us find the right way in difficult choices and the many challenges we face today


The porject is happen with financial support of European program “Erasmus+”, in partnership with organizations form Latvia, Italy and Egypt.

Period of realizations: 01.07.2018 – 03.12.2019