Second playground of the ‘Move Your Finger’ project almost finished

The renovation of two playgrounds in the city of Veliki Preslav and in the village of Troitsa,   municipality of Preslav, is almost finished.

Through the initiative and help of friends and neighbours in the area of Veliki Preslav, the work on the ‘Move Your Finger’ project is starting to come along. The initiative invites locals to discuss together what is important for them and what can be done with the mutual efforts of the people. During the last two weeks teams were gathered and specialists (wood and construction workers) were recruited to renovate spaces used by people.

The playgroud is found in proximity to the city’s farmer’s market (behind the building in construction which did not become a bank). The work is starting: renovation of the gazebo and benches, lacquering and painting of the child facilities.

The second playground is found in the centre of the village of Troitsa in the municipality of Veliki Preslav. The renovation work includes renovation of the gazebo’s roof, renovation and painting of the fence, benches and swings.

Our program ‘Move Your Finger’ is realized in partnership and with the support of The Municipality of Veliki Preslav, The Ministry of Youth and Sport along the National Program for Youth 2016-2020