The Webinar “izkuSTena”, or how to preserve contemporary mural art pieces

Online seminar “izkuSTena” with expert conservators from YOCOCU APS (Italy)


OPEN SPACE Foundation is organizing an online seminar that will give you a better understanding of conservation issues related to street art and murals, and inform you about safety measures for the preservation of works of art threatened by atmospheric agents and vandal graffiti.


Contemporary murals have always been considered ephemeral artistic manifestations. In recent years there has been, however, a significant change in their recognition as works of art which must be preserved over time, which has paved the way for the first scientific researches and experiments looking to determine the best strategies for conservation and restoration. Due to the heterogeneity of the materials used, the variety of varnishes, the different bases and many other factors, street murals are considered to be very complex works of art. They are located mainly outdoors and are, therefore, directly subject to pollution, atmospheric conditions and especially vandalism. In addition, given the ephemeral nature of these works of art and the unexplored relatively new characteristics of the materials in question, the artist often does not worry about the choice of maintenance or the materials.


The seminar is FREE, but registration is required, and here is the link.


It is designed for artists, conservators, students and anyone interested in this topic. Registration is open until 5 p.m. on the 18th of May.


The seminar will be held in English. A brochure in English and Bulgarian, which contains a summary of the content, will be provided at the end of the event. If you would like to ask something or receive more information, you can write us an email at


YOCOCU (YOuth in COnservation of CUltural Heritage) was established in order to connect young professionals and researchers working in the various fields of cultural heritage. YOCOCU is a symbol of unity where young students, researchers and professionals, all motivated by common goals, meet in order to tell their own stories and to contribute to research and cultural growth in the various fields of cultural heritage, such as chemistry, physics, biology, restoration, archeology, architecture etc. In YOCOCU young professionals, students and researchers are called to increase and strengthen their knowledge in order to be the main actors of our current and future society and to be the force behind the development of new knowledge.

The seminar is part of our project “ECHO 2” and takes place with the financial support of the following: