Theater workshop at 97 High School “Bratya Miladinovi” Sofia


Theater workshop in our favorite 97 SU in Sofia.


Rehearsals with the text have begun in the theater workshop at 97 high school “Bratya Miladinovi” in Sofia.

“Bukla Doll” is the story of a small doll with a huge imagination, constantly compared to “The Little Prince”. “Kukla Bukla” is an entertaining fairy tale with meaningful messages about the power of imagination, kindness and love. The author of the play is Pancho Panchev.

Ani Milanova is a volunteer in our team with a support of the program “European Solidarity Corps” who loves the stage. She attended an acting school from a young age, and today this love and experience is passed on to teenagers aged 13-15 from a capital school. Working with her is Kathy (another volunteer of ours team from Algeria), who emphasizes plasticity and body language. Expressiveness (with and without words), perseverance and character are among the important things that young people develop together with our volunteers. And besides, we work with Katia in English, which brings a new flavor to the whole task – to learn to work with our bodies, with gestures and facial expressions.

In a recent interview, the actor Ivan Burnev shared that acting classes, and theater in general at school, teaches you much more and more truly about relationships and understanding others. To go deeper, especially for those children who find it difficult to express themselves, or do not find time and with whom to communicate about emotions and characters. We like to be in the company of students from 97 secondary schools in Sofia again. The teaching team, led by the principal, is wonderful, crazy and creative. I am glad that we are part of their world and together we make the school environment more interesting and meaningful for students.

After casting, at which more than 48 students appeared, every Monday and Thursday we meet and work in Sava Tashev’s office. Shortly before the Christmas break, the young people received the text and assigned the roles. Now the study of the text and rehearsals begin. Lots of rehearsals. A lot of repetition and play, so that in 3-4 months we can invite you to the salon to watch them. The curtain is up. The young people are rehearsing and very soon we will tell you where and at what time we expect you.