“Drawings replace garbadge” – we will continue to transform spaces in Sofia

A new project “Drawings replace garbadge” will bring artists and children from Sofia to the tradition we create for the transformation of spaces in Sofia.

2018 is the year of the Yellow Earth Dog, according to a famous horoscope. His predictions say: “Although Dog does not like the changes and does not seek to move from the doghouse to a crystal palace, it will do everything to help the inhabitants of the earth improve their living conditions.”  So we, from Open Space, continue to look for “How?” and actually work together to improve the environment we live in.

From 2014, together with volunteers, local people and students, we started a renovation of benches in public spaces in Sofia. We have presented books and their authors on 95 benches in Sofia:


A year later, we also included graffiti artists, and we put our efforts on the scratched, ugly walls of transformer substations in the neighborhoods of Sofia. In the framework of our work we not only create a nice “island” in Sofia for communication and cultural interaction, but also make local people feel happy, smile on their way to work or home. But the most valuable thing we achieve is that by turning them into objects of art, even vandals refrain from repeated raids. But not only respect for graffiti masters and artists has been observed in recent years. Book drawings appeared on other benches, anonymous and sympathetic to our idea.


Our work will continue this year. We will restore the inscriptions and drawings on the benches. But we will continue with new objects: decorating a garbage bin. What our environment looks like depends on ourselves: starting from whether the waste is in the right place and ending with the color of our buildings, stops and even our doors.

The drawing of the baskets has already received support from the Culture Program 2018 in Sofia.