We collect ideas for green transformation

Ideas for a green transformation
We are looking for the best ideas for green transformation to implement in the city of Petrich (Bulgaria). Ideas that help to change our habits and behavior, to be spare to the environment, nature and resources. Within the framework of the “Move Your Fingers” Laboratory 1.0., which we held in the city of Petrich in the period October 11 – November 30, 2022, we presented two tools that:
  • help young people improve their media literacy (App F.I.R.E.) and
  • the OPIN.ME platform, with the help of which young people can directly participate in the decision-making process.

Both tools help young people to know how, on the one hand, but also to be able to actively participate in public life, a goal we have set for ourselves in the ACTIon project. In the framework of the “Move Your Fingers” Laboratory festival in the city of Petrich, we invited the participating young people to give their ideas for green transformation, to propose practices that save nature and resources and that it is important to apply in our lives. We have collected interesting ideas that we are now sharing on our profile on the OPIN.ME platform.

We invite you to get involved and propose your idea. We decided to establish a fund for Youth Green Ideas for the city of Petrich. The funds we will collect will be used to implement ideas in the city of Petrich and the region.

How will the fund work?

3 easy and transparent steps:

1/.We are raising FUNDS

2/. We decide TOGETHER what.

3/. Bringing ideas to life TRANSPARENTLY

1/. Fundraising FUND

You can donate funds (and we’ll give you something in return!)

Donation account:

IBAN: BG80 UBBS 8002 1041 6009 20

Bank: UBB

Account: OPEN SPACE foundation

reason: cause “Move your fingers, Petrich”


Here you can follow:

  • how the campaign develops,
  • how much money has been raised,
  • as well as participating in the selection of an initiative to be supported.

2/. We decide TOGETHER

We will decide TOGETHER what ideas are worth implementing by voting on the OPIN.ME. platform. We have already registered the first call for ideas. Come and propose something that will be useful for the city, for the people, for all of us. We will collect ideas until 10.01.2023.

Then we will vote. The ideas that receive the most votes will be discussed with their authors for a detailed description and planning of the funds and support they need.

*The OPIN.ME platform is developed and operated by Liquid Democracy, a non-profit organization from Berlin. The code is in the public domain. This year, the platform is now available for use in Bulgarian, an achievement we have thanks to our partnership on the ACTIon project.

3/. Realization of IDEAS

Implementation of the ideas that won the most votes:

Funds from the already operational fund will be used to finance the ideas.

We promise you full transparency and accountability of the collected funds, ideas and how they are implemented.

FUNDS raised:

BGN 27

(last update: 07.12.2022)


January 2022 we will publish,

until then follow in OPIN.ME