ACTion`s young people on focus: Anne-Sophie from Germany

Anne-Sophie presented our app F.I.R.E. (From Idea to Reality & Execution) to the guests of the All Digital Week 2022. She is one of the young people who are actively involved in the creative process of F.I.R.E. She is a new member of our team. Anne-Sophie is a young woman who graduated from high school last year and took her task, as presenter very seriously. Thanks to the volunteer program, Anne-Sophie is part of our team and works closely with us on the translation of the texts and the adaptation of the examples included in the appl for the German-speaking world. She asks us interesting questions: why a particular metaphor was used, why this example is presented. We adore not only the energy she puts into her work, but also her complete devotion to the topic.

Her personal assessment of the content of the new module is that the training materials are well selected and well explained, short and interestingly presented, illustrated with appropriate examples, the content is user friendly.

Here is a short interview with Anne-Sophie regarding civic education in Germany:

I: Anne-Sophie can you share your observations and experiences from the German educational system regrading civic education?

AS: In Germany from an early school, we studied history and development of different economic and political systems, working very widely on the topic of civic education, but “it is at a passive level”.  They give us information, but no one forces you or asks you to use what you’ve learned. Somehow everything stays there- in the classroom and in your self-preparation (and how much effort you’ve put).

I: And what you lack or think needs to be done, then?

AS: There should be more forms in which skills for civic participation could be practiced by young people.

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