On our focus: Conservation of cultural heritage

On our focus: Conservation of cultural heritage

The city of Veliki Preslav gathers young people from Europe this time on the topic of preservation and conservation of the cultural heritage. Young people from Georgia, Italy, Spain, Venezuela and Bulgaria arrived in the old  capital of Bulgaria – Veliki Preslav, where they will help to organize, advertise and hold the folk festival “Preslavska Kitka”, which will be held for the 25th time – this year.

The tasks of the young people are related to advertising and popularizing the event. To help the organizers: The municipality before and during the event.

In addition – each one of them has made preliminary docking and a report on good practices in the protection of cultural heritage and will be presented at a round table with representatives of the schools and educational centres in the region on the 27th of June. The meeting is on a national level but the idea is to attract the attention of Bulgarians living abroad as well as colleagues from other countries working on the topic. And maybe 0 next year to include participants from abroad. To celebrate this year, we will also make an exhibition of folk costumes from participating countries and old photographs, a personal archive of people from the city (between 1905 and 1910).

For the event, we invited Uti Bachvarov – a famous bulgarian cheff, who arrived with his team and the unique 1 tonne kettle, which will take part in the fair to prepare a calf stew that will be shared with the guests.

The participation of the young people is supported by the European Solidarity Corps – short-term volunteer projects, and the Human Resources Development Center – National Agency for Bulgaria program.