“We did it together” in Obelia district, Sofia 

    The begging of  “We did it together” in Obelia district, Sofia 


     author: Plamen Beshkov

      OPEN SPACE Foundation and the Community Board of TELUS International in Bulgaria signed a contract for the implementation of the project “We did it together”

The project “We did it Together” aims to improve the urban and school environment in the Obelya 2 neighborhood in Sofia, while at the same time supporting the dialogue between the two main ethnic groups – Bulgarians and Roma. We will achieve this by engaging children, young people and their families, representatives of these ethnic groups, in a cooperative work to create three art installations.

     We believe that the beautiful and colorful urban environment contributes to a more harmonious and inspired daily routine, and through the redundant scenes we want to present in the canvases we will create, we will help integrate the local Roma population and promote the collaboration between the Bulgarian and the Roma population.

     Thus, the most visited and communicative parts in the neighborhood will be enriched with colorful canvases / installations illustrating different moments from the history and culture of the Roma and Bulgarian population. Their work on cleaning the terrain and working with artists is our way of doing something real to integrate local people.

     The idea for the project was born in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, where the F.I.R.E. project – From Idea to Reality and Execution, took place. There, young people from different countries had the task of drafting an action plan to deal with the specific problems faced by each of the countries they represent. The Bulgarian team, represented by the OPEN SPACE Foundation, described the idea of ​​the project “We did it together”

     Since 2014 we have made several similar actions in which we engage local people and artists in changing the local environment. This improves not only the aesthetic aspect of the localities but also stimulates the preservation and sustainability of the created project. The Open Space Foundation promotes various forms of art that help to explore different cultures and stimulate the creative potential of young people.

     Our projects which engage the local population of different neighborhoods with artists to improve the environment they live in, are extraordinary popular amongst the local people who themselves keep the end results in excellent form, making the projects sustainable over time.

     The project will enable citizens to get to know more about the development of both communities, while their representatives will help create the art installations.

    The project happen with the support of  the Community Board of TELUS International in Bulgaria