ECHO II with an opening online meeting

An online meeting today gave the start of the ‘ECHO II’ or the European Cultural Heritage on Stage 2 project.

The project is a continuation of our work with our colleagues from Greece and North Macedonia in the last two years (, and we have now attracted new partners from Greece and Hungary.

Tradition is everything which is passed on from the past to the present. This could represent a physical object, a cultural monument or a combination of both. Traditions are linked to the groups which practice them, and the former represent an indispensable part of the latter’s dynamic identity. These practices are thought to be deeply engrained practices which come from a mythological, distant past. They are in danger of disappearance and being forgotten.

The current research is, however, opposed to such dark practices, showing the constantly changing dynamic nature of culture, which accepts and adapts the past to the needs of the present. The common recognition that our global reality leaves little time for rumination on our practices and way of life is a starting point for dialogue for artists and citizens from the local European communities.

The goal of our mutual work in the next two years will be for artists from Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary and North Macedonia to create their own pieces of art and craftwork through creative research and creativity in the areas of fine art, painting, sculpture, graphic design, fashion design and craftsmanship by studying the local heritage and by getting inspiration from the local traditions or the intangible cultural heritage.

The project lasts 22 months and will include:

  • Studying the heritage in partner countries
  • Transnational mobility of artists and patrons of culture
  • Building up the skillsets of people doing cultural work
  • Digitalization of new art pieces and presentation of authors

The project is co-financed by the European Program ‘Creative Europe’.

Follow our webpage for upcoming events related to this topic.

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