The traditional women costume consists of a red pinafore with embroidery (it can also be skirt and a vest), long white cotton shirt, black wool apron with embroidery, yellow cloth with silk fringes for the head and a belt.

The men’s costume is black and consists of black trousers, a white cotton shirt with embroidery on the bosom, a red woolen belt, a special cloth for the head and thick calts.

The decoration of the Dobrudzha costumes is impressive – they are made of blue and silver jewelry, and the color combination is typical only for the northeastern parts of the plain.

The elements in the bridal decorations of the clothes are also specific as a red veil is worn to protect against the evil. The tradition calls for the bride to have two shirts, one of which has unfinished embroidery, because, according to popular beliefs, a lot of beauty and perfection attracts bad eyes. The unfinished embroidery of the shirt is considered to be a defect that repels the evil forces.
The women costume has a red embroidered pinafore (or vest and skirt), long white cotton shirt, woolen apron, most often black and with embroidery, a yellow cloth or a hat, the so-called hoodie that resembles a rooster’s comb.

The male costume is of the so-called white type, which is defined by the light color of the clothes. It is composed of a white shirt, pants with narrow legs of woolen white cloth, wavy red belt and black caps.