Youth Going Live –

Capacity Building through

Performing Arts

15 December 2020 – 15 June 2022

In a multi-polar world, inclusive progress depends on the fruitful connection of cultures, the capacity to make syntheses and incorporate diversity. Youth work in Europe increasingly embraces performing arts as a tool of learning, communication and integration. By using art forms that are well integrated in the cultural framework of Europe it is easier for youngsters and youth workers alike to take up and develop skills and competences as commitment, discipline, intellectual vigour, social awareness – all significant qualities in the path of a person’s personal, social and professional development. Youth Going Live, building on exchange, training, collective creation and community development aims to combine these competences to equally important qualities such as instinct, improvisation, freedom, spirituality that are determinative of African performing arts.

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Aims & Objectives

“Youth Going Live” aims to enhance the capacity of youth organisations to support their beneficiaries using non-formal learning and performing arts, drawing from inputs of peers from Africa and Europe.

The project will build a framework for exchange of know-how and practices that would benefit the youth sector globally, the partner organisations, the local communities and their youth. We aim to achieve this through:

  • Building capacities of youth organisations to promote social and educational development of youngsters through the use of performing arts.
  • Broadening partner organisations outreach to marginalised groups and to other organisations.
  • Supporting the professional development of youth workers and creating networks for establishing a constant exchange of know-how and best practices on the counts of working methods, organisational structures, funding between the EU and third countries.
  • Systematising approaches to youth work, broadening and deepening the impact of non-formal learning by combining insights of youth professionals from different socio-cultural backgrounds.
  • Promoting transnational non-formal learning mobility.


The YOUGO project involves 6 partners from 6 countries: three from Europe (Greece, Poland and Bulgaria) and three from Africa (Senegal, Togo and Nigeria). 93 youth professionals, 120 volunteers, and 50 young artists will be directly involved in the implementation of the project. 1300 to 1500 youngsters are expected to attend the project activities.

  • Training Course in Senegal for youth workers, educators and project managers interested to expand their skills and use performing arts as a method in their work;
  • Six study visits (Performing Art Residencies) across all partner countries aiming at the exploration of traditional culture and used as a basis for the creation of performances at local level; Partners will select artists and youth workers to travel to all countries and will host artists and youth workers from all countries.
  • Creation of Open Educational Resources: a collection of youth workers’ diaries, a comparative research paper and a series of videos based on the performances in all countries, including the learning methods used to create it along with local artists and youth;
  • Contact making Seminar for youth workers and educators in the form of an Awareness Raising Festival presenting and testing the OER.
  • A Large Scale Youth Event – The contact making seminar will be reinforced by a large-scale youth event taking place at the same time in order to increase the impact of the project.
  • At least three local events disseminating the results per partner.

Art Residencies in participating countries

Art residencies will involve youth professionals with specialisation in arts, namely arts-oriented, research-oriented and entrepreneurship oriented. The participants will have the chance to travel and work within the context of YOUGO! project in the:

  • Training Course in Senegal for youth workers, art educators and project managers interested in broadening their skillsets through performing arts;
  • Six (6) Art Residencies across partner countries (Greece, Bulgaria, Togo, Senegal, Poland and Nigeria) aiming at exploring and building upon traditional culture for creating performances at local level.

Presentation of our Work

The materials created during the Art Residencies and throughout the project will be presented at the Contact Making Seminar, the large-scale Youth event and any other promotional activities of the project. The exact dates will be announced in due time.

At the end of the Art Residencies, the materials will be digitised by Inter Alia and will be made available on the project’s website and other communication channels (i.e social media accounts). The digital copies of any produced materials will be published under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) license, allowing their reuse and remix for any purpose under the terms and conditions of the license.

Terms and conditions can be found here.