Тalk to a stranger

Why talk to a stranger:

Due to Corona virus emergency people has been having a lot of panic due to different circumstance which could be because of fear, isolation, missing people or losing their beloved one to the pandemic.

One of the most effective way to release this burden is talking to someone hence Gatherings for people with addiction or stress. But with the limit of meetings it difficult to do gathering and that’s when Talk to a stranger come to the effect.

Why Group calls:

Individual calls need more qualified individuals with a good education on psychology or mental health to be able to listen and give advice to people with problems but a group talk is more of a sharing and dropping a burden than a psychological advice.

As foreign people, we, the Erasmus+ volunteers in Open Space Foundation team, realized how hard is for many of us to be far from our families and friends at home. Other issues now days are in 2 directions:

  • with the limitation to move free in the country we loose very important for us opportunity to meet other Erasmus+ volunteers that are our network and “new family” in the period of mission in foreign country;
  • from another side the news that come into the medias (radio, TV and Facebook) are in a language that we don’t understand. Some of us are lucky to have a hosting organization that inform us and provide us with information and support.

We know that our organizations make the best that they can do in this situation,  but still their has some emotional issues that we want to cover and to help each other. For that reason our team start the initiative called “Talk to a stranger”.

How does it work:

  1. Talk to a stranger include more than three participants (a group leader and other participants).
  2. The Participants can share what are their fears and stress during this period.
  3. The group members will be their to listen you, to encourage you, and at least to know that you are not alone.
  4. The team of Open Space Foundation is good prepared and have access to many resources including know what to ask in a case of more deep problem and need of specialized help as psychiatrist, psychologists or doctors that speak English and could consult you if you need individual help.
  5. Group leader will do the best to find a good way to facilitate the meetings and each one to fell that is a part of some society with the main mission to help each other.

The process:

  1. Download please this good program ZOOM. It will allow us to have a chat in good quality with more then 5 people.
  2. In this link:  https://zoom.us/j/6740336359    you can register yourself as a participant in our ZOOM chat.
  3. Each evening between 19:00 and 20:00 we are available in our ZOOM chat room.
  4. You are free to welcome and to leave our chat room when you want.
  5. Enjoy of the company and our positive vibes in this hard for everybody period.


What we expect: 

  1. To keep our mental health
  2. To reduce loneliness and stress to people
  3. To create a new cycle of friends


All of you are welcome!