The female Rhodope costume consists of a shirt, a pinafore, a belt, and an apron. The shirt is long, with long straight sleeves, which are wide open at the bottom end and are embroidered with colorful ornaments. It is covered with orange and yellow stripes. The pinafore is made of wool. The belt is also woolen and has a yellowish to purple-red color. The apron combines yellow, red and green colors which form squares. The socks are white, embossed with floral ornaments in the lower part.

The male costume is made of a white woolen shirt with wide sleeves. The pants are broad at the top, gradually narrowing downwards. The upper garment is waist-length, with long sleeves and is open at the front. A vest (topless sleeveless garment) is also worn. The clothes are embroidered with plant ornaments, spirals and circles. The woolen belt has a red to orange-yellow color – in harmony with the female one.

The female costume consists of a shirt, a pinafore (woolen dark garment similar to a tunic), a front apron and a woolen belt with a red, orange or dark color. The decoration consists of tangled multi colored threads, braids, or laces. The apron is usually bright in color, in contrast with the black background of the pinafore. It combines colors like red, green, yellow, white. There may also be embroidery

The male costume is black. It consists of a shirt, an overcoat, pants, a red belt, and a black cap. The abat is a woolen garment long to the waist without or with a low collar that fits the body. The sleeves are long and narrow. The pants are wide, with a loose bottom between the legs, front or back, made of black bayonet and richly decorated.