CALL  FOR  VOLUNTEERS:  Game changers season 2022

“Game changer” is a program to learn, adapt and use new tools for works with young people. The aims are: to attract new participants and transforming our work as youth workers of digital age.


Volunteering for 6 young people: from European countries, 18-29 years old

Duration: 6 months,  from 1 May 2022 – till 30 October 2022


Project Goals:

  • To adapt existing and create new tools for education for digital users;
  • To promote them;
  • To organize new trainings and raise the awareness of youth in the topic of inclusion, tolerance, democracy life, personal responsibilities and protection of the environment


Ongoing work of volunteers – young people will have the opportunity to participate according to their abilities and skills in activities implementing by our team related to:

– search and analysis of educational tools for self-study or online trainings;

– translate educational materials from English to their narrative language;

– organization of online trainings;

– promotion of training tools;

– to participate in the preparation of events related to the presentation of training tools;

– to train to work with various computer programs and software;

– to develop their personal project related to our mission and the topic of digital transformation;

– to help documentary and papalizing the results;

– to assist in the implementation of current tasks and joint projects of our network with partner organizations, working in the field of digitalization.

The participation of ESC volunteers in this activity will be related to the skills, interests and desire of the specific volunteer to contribute to the above tasks. They will be involved in the whole process:

– from the preparation of a training or event online,

– in planning session by session

– with relevant online games, work on specific topics and completion of workflow,

– when conducting online sessions,

– in the evaluation of online trainings;

– promoting what has been achieved.


Our team will organize trainings for volunteers regarding:

  • Planning and creating educational sessions in the principles of non-formal education;
  • Adapting the educational content for different users;
  • Creating the new content for education and entertainment and testing it;
  • work with audio and video processing software to prepare short presentations;
  • work with the mailchimp program for sending newsletters;
  • work in social networks for planning and organizing an online campaign;
  • work with Photoshop and Adobe InDesign for preparation of promo materials, incl. for exhibitions and out-door advertising.

All volunteers will participate in trainings organized by the National Agency for the European Solidarity Corps – HRDC (Center for Human Resources Development), according to the calendar and possibilities of the Agency to organize them on-line or a live:

  • on arrival training (at the beginning of the project);
  • training for mid-term evaluation (around the middle of the project).

Because the situation today is special and we do not know how the COVID pandemic will develop in the coming months, for safety reasons there is a possibility that the trainings organized by the National agency will not take place. If this does not happen, the team of our Foundation is ready to organize similar trainings for the team.

How will the project go?

  • we will do team building training and introduction to work;
  • Every week we will have a team meeting to discuss current tasks and progress on them. This is an important point for properly planning your tasks, your time and planning the support you would need to cope with your tasks.
  • The main principles in our work are: honesty, tolerance, flexibility, and performance of tasks on time and with the required quality.
  • We will work in a multicultural team. It is important for all of us to respect and honor cultural diversity. We will demand it from you as well.


The project is financed from EU program “European solidarity corps”. The program ensures money for:

  • the accommodation and expenses for electricity, water, Internet and TV in the house;
  • food: 300 BGN per month;
  • pocket money: 4 euro per day = 7.82 BGN per day;
  • SIM card with Internet,
  • organizational costs,
  • Health insurance for the whole period of the project +2 months,
  • when your tasks require it: covering your local transport costs;


The unit travel costs:

Check please how much km are from your place of leaving to our venue: Money for transport expenses (for coming and return) are:
Between 100 km till 499 km 180 euro
Between 500 km till 4999 km 275 euro



Application form:

Deadline for applying: 30 March 2022, Selection process: 01-03 April 2022



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