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It has been a crazy past couple of weeks…

I have been up and down and round and round all over Sofia, actually it is more like i had a mid term training for my EVS and strong obligations and commitments with turn ups that my hangover just ended yesterday but i did not even begin to think about skipping to write about EASTER!

The reason why i did not post on the actual Catholic or so Easter is because in Bulgaria, most people are Orthodox and they celebrate their Easter a week a head of the normal Catholic Easter, (I do not have the correct term for the two groups) in this case, Easter was on the 7th April 2018

I grew up with a strong Catholic belief and I would go to church with my family on the Easter Sunday, oh! before that, we would eat no meat on Good Friday, and the ceremonies follow up with a good family Easter meal.

I learnt very differently this year, I LEARNT ABOUT EASTER EGGS!

I know first egg has to be red as to symbolize the blood of Christ but everything else is still a blur to me and I am still learning about, I mean, if they do believe in “the blood of Christ” then why different Easters in these two churches?


(this wasn’t the first egg, usually it is full red)

This Easter was the first that I spent away from my family, and i can say it was exciting because i had a new family here in Bulgaria that taught me how to paint easter eggs and I am eagerly waiting for the egg fighting (Will share pics) do not get too excited we are not throwing eggs at people.

On the other hand I was sad because i miss my mom’s delicious meal….

All in all, i would say, this Easter for me was a chance for me to travel, I went to Veliko Tarnovo (see next post) and i had so much fun and learnt so much new experiences. I hope it was the same for you…

Drop a comment below to share your Easter experience, what did you do this Easter?



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