Written and Edited by Stacy Oswald, something in mind in the Fashion club “NAMA”

It is very funny how the world, no thanks to social media feels like they have power over a person’s personal decision.

Some say makeup is for insecure people and some say “actually you look better without makeup” I think every woman (and man) have a right to self hygiene and their whole look in general.

The one thing I will agree with “the world” however is that if you are doing makeup, at least do it right.

 I understood the art of shoes, the art or clothing, the art of styling but the one art that I so much desire to understand is the art of makeup.

I think every woman and man deserve a chance at good makeup, and definitely deserve to do it right. In my everyday walk around in Sofia I was blessed to meet two very kind and beautiful women who not only inspired me but motivated me to know myself better.

Vanya Cherry & Lilian Georgieva

I loved their strong belief in every woman (and men) have a right to look beautiful and in my perspective I would say, you are beautiful the way you see yourself, of course if you have done it right. I strongly feel like a different person when I have makeup on, it more like I am unstoppable and my confidence is shooting to the clouds.

I was so pleased to learn about their workshop that they will be doing on the 28th of April. It is not every day that a professional makeup artist decides to share their knowledge to the world.

I managed to poke a few information from them about why they decided to do this, i thought perhaps it was just a best friend thing but the response was so selfless and very encouraging:-

VanyaSo, we have been knowing each other since years, we’ve decided to do this kind of events events when I was still in Beijing, so once I got back we’ve started planning… we both have very similar ideas about social events, art, culture and so on. This is our first make up demo class paired with food and wine but we have been doing and will keep doing professional 60 hours courses. We believe that each woman should have at least some knowledge about how to put make – up correctly for any kind of occasion”.

What made me lose my mind even more was when they invited me to the workshop as a representative from Open Space Foundation to do a media coverage on their workshop, not only am I honored but I am glad that I can get the chance to share with you what I learnt and saw.

So, stay tuned for a makeup article from Open Space Foundation.


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