Нашето 5-дневно пътуване извън София

By November 28, 2019Новини

As always, the capital city of any country most times sounds more than its other cities. Nevertheless, its beauty rotates on its people, its other cities and everything in it.

The Lobster Tail

Since we had a trip outside Sofia, we can truly say Sofia is a place to be.

We always hoped to have a trip outside Sofia. Luck comes to those who hope.

It all started when our mentor organised a trip outside Sofia and our boss bought tickets and arranged a home for us to stay.

A Tale Of the Four Cities

All (JACKLINE, FRANK, AYUBU and SNETEMBA) exited and ready we got on a journey to the towns of TARGOVISHTE, SHUMEN, VARNA and VELIKI PRESLAV.

In Targovishte and Shumen we visited schools both primary and secondary in one of the schools we were served the Bulgarian traditional bread cake, specifically made for visitors. We opened with a song that we composed in Bulgarian language, introduced ourselves, displayed African crafts and spoke about our African way of life. It was a beautiful exchange because we had games, both the students and teachers asked questions and we were amazed when one of the school sung an African song Malaika written in Swahili. At the end of the workshops, we received souvenirs and certificates of membership from one of the schools. This made everyone feel that even though we come from different continents and have different skin colours we are all humans.

After that, we were invited to a journalist office where we introduced ourselves and at the end we were given books showing the common places in Bulgaria and a few days later an article about us was published by the journalist. This made us feel welcomed in the country.

The beauty of the black sea in Varna made us see how beautiful nature is. In Veliki Preslav we always returned for dinner and sleep, but it always felt like the shining sun in the night  simply because of one special  strong old lady who unfailing cooked for us and in whose home we lived. She spoke Bulgarian and we spoke English though we understood a few Bulgarian words but this never limited enjoying each other’s company. For the few days we lived there, we took photos; always had conversations, laughter and we were happy with her all the time.  Ooooh my God……., I know you might not believe this but her food tested like a drop of fresh water flowing from a river spring. In addition, because of her, we believe that there are values that never grow old like love, care and kindness. She is a reason one would wish to have a grandma forever.

The Ever After.

The cities outside Sofia, its people and nature made us see its beauty. Thanks to Erasmus + = OPEN SPACE FOUNDATION