Short term volunteers: call for a festival

Call for volunteers:

Short-term volunteer service – 10 June 2019 till 9 July 2019 

16 youth from different countries will help and preparation and organziation of Folklore festival in Veliki Preslav town, Bulgaria:


    • Helping in the local community to prepare and organize the folk festival with traditional songs and dances.
    • Organizing and participating in work-shops for traditional dances, songs, crafts.
    • Preparing exhibition with traditional fold costumes from each participant country
    • Exchange practices what in your country happen to present and preserve the cultural heritage;
    • Taka a part in actions for populating the region and culture preservation;
    • Participate in the work-shop for playing of musical instruments (optional)
    • Participate in the course for presenting your cultural heritage in abroad, your club and region;
    • Take a part in round-table about challenges in front of the people that work in the field of cultural heritage and it preservation.

    Information about Veliki Preslav town and immaterial cultural heritage:


Profile of participants and what else:  Info_ShortTerm volunteering_ECHU_2019


What is a volunteering service under European solidarirty corps and hwo to participate read here: 

What is ESC – European solidarity corps:

  • The European Solidarity Corps is the new European Union initiative which creates opportunities for young people to volunteer or work in projects in their own country or abroad that benefit communities and people around Europe.
  • The young people who participate in the European Solidarity Corps will all agree with and uphold its Mission and Principles.
  • You can register for the European Solidarity Corps when you are 17 years old, but you cannot start a project until you are over 18. European Solidarity Corps projects will be available to people up to the age of 30 years old.
  • After completing a simple registration process, European Solidarity Corps participants could be selected and invited to join a wide range of projects, such as helping to prevent natural disasters or rebuild afterwards, assisting in centres for asylum seekers, or addressing different social issues in communities.
  • Projects supported by the European Solidarity Corps can last from two to twelve months. They will usually be located within the European Union Member States.

What is covered?

  • Participation is free of charge. Accomodation, food, insurance, transport expenses and small amount for a pocket money will be coveered by the program. 
  • In the end of project participants will received Youthpass certificate and Sertificate of European solidarity corps

How to participate?

For your questions: 

avileblance [at]

gabinlero [at]

danielmateen [at]