Nakato Racheal

Edited by Stacy Oswald

“Survival BG” is all about living and surviving in Bulgaria, and it is only for brave ones believe me.

A month after I arrived in Sofia city in Bulgaria, I was lucky enough to be invited by Danilo Dalovic and Alba to “Survival BG” event to get tips on how to survive in Bulgaria and hear experiences from different Bulgarian survivors and hopefully to be able to apply the knowledge to the six month that I will be volunteering in the country.

This event took place at “Dada cultural bar” which was a bit far from our neighbourhood so it was difficult for me and my flatmate volunteers to get there on time. Luckily we were joined up with other friends that we met in those few days and by the help of google map, we found the event and place.

My first impression was everyone will be minding their own business wanting to know and understand Bulgaria but instead I received warm welcoming smiles by the people who were areadly at the event, they were happy for all foreigners from different countries and it was a bar, drinks were all over the place and the moment we entered the show started.

Truly speaking I was interested in listening  to the speakers, all their speeches made me more strong and free to enjoy my time in bulgaria, like hitchhiking in case i can not find my way back home, I learnt to always move with your personal documents and people’s contacts who are responsible for you in case you face difficult situations on streets I also learnt not to be scared because if you look so scared someone is likely to take advantage of you or think you are guilty. That was the most useful information I got from the guest speakers.

We played a simple game called “human bingo” where we moved with papers written on different question and the task was to move around and meet ten new faces and ask them questions that are on the sheet. The purpose of this was to get to know different people and share with experiences and  even contact, why not?

After that game I made twenty friends and besides that, I am doing my best to get out of my comfort zones from my country Uganda about family, friends and weather, food, workmates, transport and language in Bulgaria. So this was a huge start for me.

One speaker said, adapt the present condition and enjoy yourself. This is my advice also to everyone who is just visiting Bulgaria, do not walk with fear. Walk comfortable with all your identity documents and talk to people, ask for help and when you feel like you are lost, don’t be scared. It happens to the best of us.

My name is Nakato Racheal from Uganda, volunteer in Open space foundation in Sofia


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